Military Star Card Login


Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Military Star Card Login:

Instructions for Logging in:

1. The place to start is Type this directly into your URL bar. This will skip some of the nonsense between you and your military star card account information.
2. Since you already have an account, ignore the right hand side of the screen. The blue-topped white box on the left side is the login that you need to use. Ignore the fact that is says “express login” and all the other scattered information.
3. Enter your username in the username field, which is on top of the left hand login box.
4. Enter your password in the password field next. This section is directly below the username section. Be sure that everything you enter in here is exactly as it should be, or you could end up having to type up your password another time or two before you can move on.
5. Click the button that says “Log-in” to finish logging in. 

Resetting your Password

1. Visit the same page mentioned above. You can either follow the link, or just type it into the top of your browser.
2. You will see that the bottom of the left side login box has a link called  "forgot my username or password" click on this link. You can just ignore the sentence below it that talks about what you need to do to reset your information. The link is already right there, so just disregard the sentence.
3. This page will show you three fields you need to fill in. 
4. Type the requested information into the fields, going from top to bottom.
5. When all these fields are filled in appropriately, you need to click on the "continue" button. Follow the instructions the site gives you from here on. Things should clear up more from that point on.

Contact Information

1. Login help phone number: 1-800-527-2345
Toll free phone number for Military Star: 1-877-891-STAR